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SCC Agendas

School Community Council Meeting Minutes 

Oakcrest Elementary 

September 13, 2021 @ 4-5 PM  

Attendees/Council Members 

 Ken Westwood (Principal)    

Dallin Cromarty (Parent)  

Travis Workman (Chair)                                                      

Eric Pedersen (Parent)  

Parker Cluff (Vice-Chair)

Michelle Butler (Faculty)  

Ryann Chase (Parent)

Richelle Baisch (Faculty) 

Anna Cooper (Parent)    

Megan Blake (Faculty)

Natalie Osborne (Parent)

Council Updates

  • We started with an introduction of all Council members. Ryann, Travis, Parker, and Michelle are continuing with the Council from last year. Anna, Natalie, Dallin, Eric, Richelle, and Megan all joined the Council this year.
  • Voting was unanimous for Travis Workman to serve as the Council Chair and Parker Cluff as the Council Vice-Chair.


  • The council voted to meet in the media center from 4:15-5:15 pm on the following days: October 4th, November 15th, January 10th, February 7, and March 21st

Land Trust Plan

  • Next, we discussed the Land Trust Plan for Oakcrest, including the different programs that were discussed by last year’s school community council as potential areas to fund. Some of these include assistants in areas like the computer lab, STEM lab, kindergarten, PE, and math, as well as technology equipment, an arts teacher, English Language Learning (ELL), teacher instructional coaching, etc.
  • The Land Trust Plan funds for this 2021-2022 school year are being spent on literacy assistants to assist with Oakcrest’s goal to have students make greater than one year’s growth in literacy skills during the 2021-2022 school year.

Miscellaneous School Updates

  • This year, Oakcrest has a full-time Beverly Taylor Sorensen Arts Learning Program teacher that is focused on music. Students will spend time in their weekly rotations with him.  He is also conducting separate after-school show choir programs for the primary and intermediate grades this fall.  During the winter and spring, interested students will rehearse after school to present The Wizard of Oz.  At the end of the year, our show choirs will come together to perform a final show tunes concert to wrap things up.
  • The school acquired two sets of Sphero programmable “robots” to expand coding exposure and opportunities for our students in the STEM lab.
  • The school has a plan in place to ensure that students have current and secure personal technology devices. There is a purchasing rotation in place for both Chromebooks and iPads. Grades 4, 5, and 6 have new Chromebooks this year. Grades 2 and 3 have used, but still great Chromebooks. Kindergarten and first-grade classes each have class sets of iPads.
  • New this year is a Character Ed program that was started based on feedback from parents last year. Principal Westwood has been meeting with our sixth-grade students for 30-45 min each day for a week to discuss kindness and filling people’s buckets. He intends to eventually spend this kind of time with all of our students in grades 4-6 in addition to conducting a shorter bookshare with K-3 classes.  Mrs. Mondragon, Oakcrest’s assistant principal, will begin something soon as well in this area.

Inclement Weather Plan

  • The council next discussed the school’s existing inclement weather plan, which is available for all to review on Oakcrest’s website. During the council’s next meeting, the plan will be voted on for the remainder of this school year.

Open Question/Comment Period

  • Niki George from the Jordan School District Board was in attendance, and she addressed proposed policy changes to the district's dress code that is forthcoming. Niki said that the board is still seeking community input. Some highlights presented to the council are that hats could be allowed; sleeves need to be at least two finger width wide and shorts would need to be long enough to reach mid-thigh. The policy will have images to serve as what is appropriate for school and to not distract from education.

School Community Council Meeting Minutes

Oakcrest Elementary March 15, 2021 @ 4-5 PM

Attendees/Council Members

Ken Westwood (Principal)                                           Jessica Bagby (Parent)

Travis Workman (Chair)                                              Jenifer Lawson (Faculty)

Parker Cluff (Vice Chair)                                                 Marlyse Murch (Faculty)

Ryann Chase (Parent)                                                     Michelle Butler (Faculty) Skyler Groves (Parent)

Principal Westwood began the meeting by reviewing some academic metrics from the last few years. We took this information into consideration when we were deciding budget items later in the meeting.

The metrics showed that Oakcrest students have lost 7% on Reading Proficiency from the beginning of this school year to the middle of the year. This is the biggest loss in that amount of time over the last 5 years.

We reviewed a Student Growth metric that compares Oakcrest students to all students across the country. In the prior three school years, Oakcrest was above 50% (which is great news) but this year we are below 50%. This was based on middle of the year data.

We also looked at metrics for growth of in-person vs virtual learners at Oakcrest for this year and it shows that virtual learning is not making as much growth as those attending class in-person.

We had no end of year metrics for the last school year to go off of as that testing wasn’t completed due to schools being shut for COVID-19.

Next, we discussed budgets for the school. We covered the current literacy, math, PE, computer lab, and STEM assistants, as well as instructional coaches, learning programs, and the ELL program. The costs to continue all of those existing items was discussed, as well as some future costs for iPads, Chromebooks, and a purchase of Spheros for the STEM lab.

An additional, although small, budget item that the entire council all agreed was needed is a character education/development program for the students. This would help to reinforce positive, kind behaviors amongst the students that are needed to foster a healthy and productive learning environment for all.

The last item discussed was the possibility of rotating the type of art learning program covered by the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program grant. Drama has been the area covered for the last two years. Music, visual arts, dance, and drama are all options under the grant. Principal Westwood is looking into what options are available for the coming year.

After reviewing the budget and all suggestions, Principal Westwood motioned that we use the entire LAND trust budget for the coming year on the eight existing literacy assistants. Other remaining school needs will be covered from the other funds that are available to the school.

Jessica Bagby seconded the motion.

The council vote was unanimous in favor of the proposal.

School Community Council Meeting Minutes

Oakcrest Elementary January 11, 2021 @ 4-5 PM

Attendees/Council Members

 Ken Westwood (Principal)

Travis Workman (Chair)

Parker Cluff (Vice Chair)

Ryann Chase (Parent)

Skyler Groves (Parent)

Jessica Bagby (Parent)

Jenifer Lawson (Faculty)

Marlyse Murch (Faculty)

Michelle Butler (Faculty)

Principal Westwood reviewed document from the current year plan. He talked about the SCC responsibility is to oversee plan to drive growth in the school. He also talked about how he likes to use the SCC to help make decisions in the big picture of the school funds.

Budget for this school year (2020-2021). Next school year (2021-2022) is expected to be about the same. LAND Trust - $75,000

TSSA - $90,000

PLC - $16,000

Technology - $23,000

This year we paid for the following with this money

  • 8 literacy assistant,
  • 2 math assistants
  • 2 Rotation assistants (STEM Lab)
  • 2 PE Assistants
  • 2 Computer lab assistants
  • Teacher Coach
  • Ipads
  • STEM Lab supplies

Principal Westwood then addressed the needs for next year

  • Chrome Books (The school is going to continually need more Chromebooks and Tablets every year to keep the fleet going) ($20,000-$25,000 range)
  • Spheros for the STEM lab ($6k-$7k Lower priority)
  • Required to provide a full-time coach to work with other teachers out of the TSSA ($40k - $45k)
  • ELL students at Oakcrest are in the bottom 10%
  • It is expected that the money always be spent, we do not want a lot of carry
  • We use the LAND Trust for literacy aids to keep things simple, but we look at the big picture to make sure it all fits
  • The school has a part-time drama teacher, the school has to pay 20% for that

Principal Westwood explained this works assuming that we trust principal Westwood will carry out our "Big Picture" plan as the Council does not have direct oversight of the other budgets.

The council discussed the current spending of the funds. They are being used within the budget and about as expected. The teachers and council agree the Literacy; Math and STEM aides are very valuable.

The council discussed the following 2 ideas submitted via email from Ryann Chase who was unable to attend due to a work conflict.


“One of my ideas would involve further reading support/programs via the 95% group program or a similar program (eliminating the Journey's program). As we have discussed in the past, my wife is an educator. She has been conducting testing and collecting data with the 6th graders at Monte Vista Elementary in regards to phonetic awareness, vowel sounds and the current program being used to teach Language Arts in our district. They have discovered that a high percentage of 6th graders are severely behind in their abilities to recognize letter sounds, site words, etc. In the study, they are learning that 2-3 students in a class of 30 do not require intervention on subject matter that should have been learned and understood in early elementary. Our district has seen concerning numbers in the language arts and a new program or approach would change the way our students are taught and improve our testing scores and further successes for our current students. If this is something we would like to learn more about, I could have one of the leaders of this program come in and talk to the group.” 

Principal Westwood explained more about the 2 programs and it was discussed that this is more of a district decision. The teachers have already had MSRC training for this and say it goes along well with the Journey’s program. The teachers currently spend 10 minutes a day on with this focusing on phonics. It is expected to have a bigger push from the district on this next year. While the council generally agreed anything to help with reading is good there is nothing for the council to really do here although further discussion is possible if there are some ideas of how the council can help with it.


“My 2nd idea is putting in place a Wellness Center for students. The idea behind this would be in an effort to provide a place for students to go if they are experiencing something that is causing them emotional distress, or the ability to visit the wellness center prior to being sent to the principal's office. This is another thing that Monte Vista elementary implemented beginning this year. It has been a huge success and has reduced the number of students being referred to the principal's office by 85-90%. I have included a link to the story the district did on the center. staff/”

It was discussed that this is above and beyond the school full-time psychologist. The teachers explained that the school psychologist helps with this a lot, they gave an example of an instance today where they helped a child calm down in one of the classrooms.

Principal Westwood described the wellness center as something that has special lighting and items that can help calm kids down. He also explained that the ability to do this hinges on 3 things. The idea has been intriguing to Principal Westwood in the past.

  1. Having a space for The school currently has 1 extra classroom this year, but only because the teacher is teaching virtually. It is not certain how the space will work out next year.
  2. Principal Westwood believes the supplies would not be expensive, roughly $1000 to create one, this could easily be found in the budget.
  3. The most expensive part would be staff to supervise ($16,000) This will need to be a discussion of priority for the council as the money for this would likely mean less literacy or Math aides. Some members mentioned they would prefer to pay for ELL for literary aides.

It was decided that this can be discussed more over email and in our meeting in March after we have more reading numbers, so the members of the council can make a more informed decision.

We briefly discussed that Jordan School approved for hiring a principal for virtual school for all 3 levels. How will this affect our population? Nobody knows.

Principal Westwood encouraged us all to discuss things via email in between here and March using “reply all”. The Council asked that Principal Westwood send out any new academic stats as well as formal budget numbers as he receives them, so the council can use those to trigger discussions. He agreed he would do so.

No other Council members had any more items to discuss so the meeting was adjourned.

School Community Council Meeting Minutes

Oakcrest Elementary November 16, 2020 @ 4-5 PM

Attendees/Council Members

Ken Westwood (Principal)                                          Jessica Bagby (Parent)

Travis Workman (Chair)                                             Jenifer Lawson (Faculty)

Parker Cluff (Vice Chair)                                                Marlyse Murch (Faculty)

Ryann Chase (Parent)                                                   Michelle Butler (Faculty) Skyler Groves (Parent)

Review Safe Access Plan: We discussed and approved the safe access plan, including a review of the changes and suggestions that were proposed at the last meeting.

We also discussed a safety issue with the south bound traffic on Hilltop Oak Drive north of the school. Parents are parking in the shoulder and leaving their cars, this causes the traffic lane to turn into a second pick up lane. Through traffic is then pulling into the oncoming traffic side of the road to get through. This is a serious safety concern. We talked about Principal Westwood sending out an email asking parents to not park and leave in the shoulder or pick up kids from the traffic lane. If the shoulder is full they need to park further away and wait until there is space. We also discussed the option of having an officer come and help direct traffic. This would only be a temporary solution.

LAND Trust/Academic Update: The school is continuing to work on getting more staff certified and trained for ELL to assist with English language learners who have been below standard.

The school has teaching assistants and support personnel that rotate classrooms. Every teacher has an assistant assign to their class for at least one hour each week who assists with reading and literacy. The teachers on the SCC report that these aids are extremely helpful in getting their students closer to their reading level. There are also two math assistants for the school that work with students who need extra learning help or interventions.

Additionally, the success of the rotation programs, including the STEM lab, PE, and media center, has been seen as students are talking about the great experiences they are having in those rotations.

We also discussed the most recent math benchmarks for the school that were presented by each grade and how the benchmark results should be used to adjust instruction in the classroom in order for each class to get closer to the end of year assessment levels.

Impacts of COVID on the School: The last block of the meeting was spent learning more about how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting Oakcrest. There are 543 students currently enrolled in “in-person” learning. The percentage of absent students each day over the last 20 days ranges from 11-18%, with the last week seeing an increase to 18%. There is concern of this trend continuing. Our SCC teachers shared that as more students are missing school, it increases the difficulty of progressing the rest of their class through the curriculum – there ends up being too much catch up work to be done for all of those who were absent. Some teachers also expressed that the children at the school do a fantastic job with wearing their masks and understanding that they need to keep them on, which they attribute to the efforts of all the parents.

Next meeting is January 11, 2021 at 4 p.m.

School Community Council Meeting

Oakcrest Elementary November 16, 2020 @ 4-5 PM

Council Members

Ken Westwood (Principal) Travis Workman (Chair) Parker Cluff (Vice-Chair) Charlotte Davis (Parent) Ryann Chase (Parent)

Skyler Groves (Parent) Jessica Bagby (Parent) Jenifer Lawson (Faculty) Marlyse Murch (Faculty) Michelle Butler (Faculty)

Discussion Items

  • Review and approve Safe Access Plan
  • LAND Trust/Academic Update
  • Impacts of COVID on the School
  • Open Discussion for any other items

Next Meeting: January 11, 2021 @ 4-5 PM

School Community Council Meeting Minutes

Oakcrest Elementary October 12. 2020 @ 4-5 PM

Attendees/Council Members

Ken Westwood (Principal) Travis Workman (Chair) Parker Cluff (Vice Chair) Ryann Chase (Parent) Skyler Groves (Parent) Jessica Bagby (Parent) Jenifer Lawson (Faculty) Marlyse Murch (Faculty) Michelle Butler (Faculty)

We started with an update on school status including learning. With the boundary change and RISE testing being cancelled there isn't a lot of data. We do have DIBELS data showing our school is on par with averages from the district. Teaches are getting close to doing the first round of benchmark assessments which will provide a lot more information.

Oakcrest has been identified as a "Transition School" by the State Office of Education because the language growth of our english language learners has been below standard. In response to this designation, additional teachers have initiated ESL endorsement programs to further develop their skills as relates to research-based best practice in ELL instruction. We have a trained coach working with teachers on ESL instructional strategies. She works with our ELL students in small groups every morning for half of her day as well. In addition, we have a literacy assistant assigned to each class in grades 1-6 for an hour daily. These assistants work collaboratively with the teacher to help identified students grow their reading, writing, vocabulary and comprehension skills. Mrs. Law, a sixth grade teacher on our SCC, noted that she's seen great student growth to date attributable to the support of our literacy assistants.

We have two math assistants providing supports and extensions for students in grades 1-6. Students in grades 1-3 are using ST Math this year and those in grades 4-6 are using iReady. These online programs are available to the school through a grant from the Utah STEM Action Center. We also have assistants providing instructional support for our morning and afternoon Kindergarten teachers.

We reviewed the Inclement Weather Plan and everyone agreed it is a good plan.

We next reviewed the Safe Access Plan. This plan is being revised and updated. We reviewed safe walking routes in detail and those will be updated soon.

Next meeting is November 16 at 4 p.m.

Oakcrest Elementary SCC Minutes

September 21, 2020

Members in Attendance:  Ken Westwood, Skyler Groves, Jessica Bagby, Ryann Chase, Parker Cluff, Charlotte Davis, Travis Workman, Marlyse Murch, and Michelle Butler

Welcome and Introductions: Two members have served on Oakcrest’s Council before, but all members are beginning new terms this year.  The meeting began at about 4 p.m. with members sharing brief introductions and the collection of contact information.

Service Terms:  For various reasons, including changes to our school’s boundary area, every member of this year’s Council is starting a new term of service.  It was agreed that Skyler Groves, Ryann Chase, and Charlotte Davis will serve one-year terms while Parker Cluff, Travis Workman, and Jessica Bagby will serve two-year terms so we can establish a pattern of electing or selecting about half of the members on our Council annually.  This decision was made voluntarily by members of the Council.

Elections:  This being the first meeting of our Council for the 2020-21 school year, it was necessary to elect officers to take the lead in meetings and Council business.  Travis Workman expressed willingness to serve as Council Chair and was elected unanimously.  Parker Cluff expressed willingness to serve as the Vice-Chair and was elected unanimously.

Meeting Dates:  Mr. Westwood suggested times it would be helpful to meet, at a minimum, over the course of the year to conduct Council business.  It was agreed that we would meet, at a minimum, on October 12, November 16, January 11, and March 15.  All meetings will be held in the school’s media center and begin at 4 p.m., COVID willing.

Landtrust Plan Review:  Time was spent reviewing the implementation of our current land trust plan.  The bigger picture was briefly discussed along with the various budgets/resources at the school’s disposal to accomplish our goals.

Training:  The Council watched a video prepared by Utah’s School Landtrust Administration for training purposes.

The meeting ended shortly after 5 p.m.

School Community Council Meeting

Oakcrest Elementary

April 1, 2020




     Approved minutes of last meeting by Travis, seconded by Teresa Crook

Items of Discussion:

      Trust Lands Plan

  Budgets determined by student count-next year projected 639

       Approximately $75,000 for Trust Lands

            *** 8 Literacy assistants 

      Push-in to classes to give reading support to small group as teacher does small group           reading support

                      Dibels monitoring progress

            ***1 math assistant

TSSA (Teacher Student Success Act) Approximately $90,000

           ***Coaching support (Swivl Cameras/peer-peer observations) (Approx. $28,000)

                    4 trained coaches (reflect, improve practice)

                       Outside instructional time

           ***English Language Learners (ESL) improve growth

                     Teacher professional development-ESL endorsements

            ***Teacher incentives ($4,000)

PLC Budget (Professional Learning Communities) Approximately $16,000

           ***CAMP rotation assistants (PE, Media, Computers, STEM)           

Technology Budget 

           ***Grades 2-6 one-to-one chromebooks (have now)

           ***Grades K-1 iPads, purchase another lab  (approximately $12,000)

           ***STEM technology support, Lexia, ST Math

Motion to approve: Charlotte motioned, Travis seconded, voting unanimous in favor of proposal to spend LandTrust budget for 2020-21 school year on literacy assistants.


   More playground access and supplies-soccer goals, before school play on the playground

Oakcrest Elementary

School Community Council Meeting

February 13, 2020


Travis Workman-School Community Chair

Kristie Howe-Assistant Principal

Charolotte Davis

Teresa Hagan-Teacher Rep

Melissa Hiller

Kristen Gonzalez

Michelle Butler-Teacher Rep

Megan Blake-Teacher Rep




Approved minutes from November 14, 2019 meeting. Travis made the motion to approve, Mellisa seconded,  all voted in favor

Discussion Items:

Safe Walking route

  • One concern of pot holes in entrance and exit of drop of zone
  • Signed by Travis, Melissa Hiller, Kristen Gonzalez

SRI and Acadience data to show growth from BOY to MOY

  • Assistants are DIBELS Monitoring progress throughout school year, time depends on level of reader, but each student is met with at least once a month.  Lexia lesson support for all students K-3, 4-6 with literacy assistant for below level readers. 
    • Lexia lessons focus on individual student needs
    • SRI and Acadience shows 6th grade is down from BOY, so teachers will address this issue with support

Next meeting is scheduled for March 24 to discuss Land Trust

Oakcrest Elementary

School Community Council Minutes

November 14, 2019

Welcome: Travis Workman, School Community Chair


  1. Approved minutes from October 9, 2019 meeting. Charlotte made a motion to approve, Teresa seconded, all voted in favor.

Discussion Items:

  1. Maturation Curriculum
    1.  Jerusha presented the new guidelines for the 5th-grade maturation program. Times will be offered on February 19 for boys and February 20 for girls. Parents are invited. All must return a signed permission slip to attend.
  2. Teacher and Student Success Account
    1. Mr. Pullan presented that it has been approved by the Board and is moving forward.
  3. Drop Off and Pick up/Parking Lot concerns
    1. Jerusha brought up concerns for the potholes in the entrance and exit to the school parking lot, in the drop-off lane. Mr. Pullan will discuss that with the appropriate channel to get those areas fixed.
  4. Restorative Practices Implementation Report
    1. Mr. Pullan presented the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACEs) data. The school has implemented a BESST team. Teachers in attendance shared ideas of how they incorporate restorative practices in their classrooms. One teacher shared to meet and greet each student in the AM and PM every day – to provide at least 1 or 2 positive personal experiences with each child each day. Also shared was the idea of ‘circle time,’ where the class can sit together as a class to discuss a concern, and then how they can address it and what can be done.
  5. Safe Walking Routes
    1. Will discuss in January meeting
  6. Options to discuss in future meetings
    1. None were brought up by the council
  7. The next meetings are scheduled for January 23 and March 24.

Oakcrest Elementary

School Community Council Agenda

November 14, 2019

Business Items: (15 min.)

  1. Approve October Meeting Minutes

Discussion Items:

  1. Maturation Curriculum & Times for Offering (5 min Jerusha Buckner)
  2. Teacher and Student Success Account (2 min. Mr. Pullan Report)
  3. Drop off and Pick up/Parking Lot concerns
  4. Restorative Practices Implementation Report
    1. Adverse Childhood Experience Data (10 minutes)
  5. Safe Walking Routes
    1. Assign individuals to walk the current routes to note potential safety issues.
    2. Safe Walking Routes for the new year will be determined after the Board Approval of New Boundaries.
    3. Red curb in front of the school.
  6. Options to discuss in future meetings

Oakcrest Elementary

School Community Council Agenda

October 9, 2019

  1. Report on TSSA
  2. Drop-off and Pick-up Safety
  3. DIBELS/Acadience DATA
  4. Final Report Land Trust 

Additional Information:

  • Boundary Open House:  TBD

Oakcrest Elementary

School Community Council Agenda

September 17, 2019

Discussion Items:

  1. Boundary Process for New School  

(Doree Strauss District Administrator of Schools 30 min.)

  1. Teacher and Student Success Account (Mr. Pullan Principa 15 min.)

Business Items: (15 min.)

  1. Results of Nominations
  2. Appointment of new member of the Council
  3. Selection of 2019-20 Chair/Vice-Chair/Secretary

Oakcrest Elementary

School Community Council Agenda

April 27, 2019 2:30 p.m.

Agenda Items:

Land trust plan recommendations/School Improvement Plan 2019-20 (45 minutes)

Student Pick-up Safety—Possible Ideas (10 minutes)

Earthquake Response—(5 minutes)

School Community Council Agenda

January 30, 2019 at 2:30 p.m.

Faculty Lounge

Drills—Shelter In Place

Hilltop Oak Drive Update

Safe Walking Route


Social-Emotional Health of Students

School Community Council Meeting 10/11/2018

Welcome to new members (Jill Taylor)

  1.  Policy Discussion & approval
  1. Dress code: required to discuss every year. Council members had no questions.
  2. Wellness Policy (recess and being active & lunches being nutritional).  We are in compliance. Have 40 min. lunch with an additional 15 min. recess every day. In addition, 1st graders have “brain breaks” (skipping, classroom stretching/movement activities, etc).  No concerns or questions.
  3. Recess policy: 21 degrees is the temperature where we bring students in.  This includes the wind chill factor. If there is precipitation, we also bring students in.  We hope parents send students prepared for the winter. If students do not have adequate clothing, we keep students inside or contact parents.  We also have coats in grade levels and some for students in need. We have access to resources from community and district for needy students (food, glasses, etc). No concerns or questions from the SCC.
  4. Code of Conduct: We will email council members a copy to review and send us feedback.  We have reached out to other schools to send us a copy of theirs so we can compare and add anything we are missing.
  5. Safety committee/ reunification plan: this is still in process. We would like to table this discussion.
  6. Meeting dates for the 2018-19 school year.

A suggestion was made to hold this later if possible.  Wednesdays may work better.  A motion was made to amend the dates listed.  It was voted on by the committee and voting was unanimous.

We will update these on the website and let council members know of upcoming dates.

  1. 2017-18 School LAND trust report.
  2. Council members were given a copy of this report. The school followed through with each proposal last year.  A question arose about “training”. This was for teacher training.  Ten teachers were sent to trainings and some were in other states.  The per diem for these travel expenses was taken out of other budgets.
  3. Goals: Our goals last year were to improve proficiency in LA, Math, and science.
  4. Goal 1:  Measuring growth in these areas (as a district, K-2nd-grade students dropped, but the district has taken steps to fix this, including an instructional coach).  The goal for next year (district-wide) is to maintain growth in these grades. In addition, phonics is something we would like to address in upper grades.

Benchmark tests and SAGE scores were discussed.  We are seeing significant growth in benchmarks tests.  Studies show a strong correlation of mid-year and end-of-year LA tests. Students with disabilities or Hispanic students also increased substantially on Math SAGE tests.

  1. Goal 2: Hire culture and climate specialist to improve student behavior.  We hired an aide to help with school-wide expectations last year. This was very successful...only 197 students in the school were not recognized for good behavior. This resulted in major behavior incidents decreasing substantially.  This aide worked part-time.

III.  Goal 3: robotics and science- We hired a former middle-school teacher to hold a science class in the mornings for upper grades.  We also had a 6th-grade teacher who held a robotics class in the mornings last year.

  1.  Oakcrest Report- Instructional Leadership team.

This team includes a representative from each grade who improves our classroom instruction throughout the school.

  1. Oakcrest Vision: The first year, we looked at “questioning” strategies and the team helped teachers implement questioning techniques.
  2. District and School Goals 2018-19- Now we are working on “feedback” that will bring about a 2-year growth in student performance and learning if done correctly.  This Instructional leadership team is trained through State and District personnel.
  3. Guided Reading, Fountas and Pinnell - this year there are new reading F& P kits that include a writing component for grades 3-6.  However, this may result in students’ reading level dropping. This reflects the comprehension component, that is tested more thoroughly with this new program.  Teachers are making adjustments in classrooms to help with further student comprehension.
  4.  SCC Training: Nov. 14, 2018 at 6:00-7:00pm @ Copper Hills HS.

Jill Taylor recommended this training as very helpful.  There are other locations and times if this doesn’t work for council members, but these trainings are very informative.

  1. Parking issues were discussed.

Oakcrest is doing what we can to discuss this with Risk management in the District and they will be talking with the city about this issue.

  1.  Boundaries.

Jill Taylor mentioned that parents were concerned about the homes that will be moved to Copper Canyon elementary.  At a discussion with parents at a recent boundary meeting, Bryce Dunford, JSD Board representative texted: “The goal is to move both schools closer to a traditional schedule” but he also mentioned that a modified schedule might be a possibility.  Mr. Pullan mentioned that the boundary change will actually reduce our numbers to around 800. Our school capacity without portables is 810.  He will bring this up to District personnel and find out more information.  Mr. Pullan mentioned that it is important to fill out the district survey that was sent to parents.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:11pm.

Oakcrest School Community Council Agenda

November 28, 2018 2:30 p.m.

Location: Oakcrest Faculty Lounge

  1. Approvals—Jill Taylor
    1. Minutes from the previous meeting
    2. Code of Conduct
  1. School Improvement Plan—Oakcrest Instructional Leadership Team
    1. DIBELS data (2017-18 to BOY 2018-19)
    2. STAR data (2017-18)
    3. Benchmark Data (2018 BOY)
    4. SAGE (2017-18 EOY)
  1. Safe Walking Route—Theresa Christensen, Assistant Principal
    1. Assignments to walk the routes
  1. Projected Student Growth & Permits for 2019-20—Joel Pullan, Principal

Oakcrest School Community Council Agenda

October 11, 2018 at 2:30 p.m.

Location: Oakcrest Elementary Faculty Lounge

  1. Policy Discussion & Approval
    1. Dress Code—
    2. Wellness—
    3. Oakcrest Inside/Outside Recess Policy
    4. Oakcrest Code of Conduct
    5. Safety Committee—Reunification Plan
    6. Meeting Dates for the 2018-19 School Year (Approval/Adjustment)
      • October 11, 2018 at 2:30 p.m.
      • November 29, 2018 at 2:30 p.m.
      • January 31, 2019 at 2:30 p.m.
      • March 21, 2019 at 2:30 p.m.
  2. 2017-18 School LAND Trust Report
  3. Oackrest Report—Instructional Leadership Team
    1. Oakcrest Vision for 2018-19
    2. District and School Goals 2018-19
    3. Guided Reading Fountas & Pinnell Reading Levels
  4. School Community Council Training: November 14, 2018 at 6:00-7:00 p.m. Location: Copper Hills High School.
  5. Boundaries

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March 28-Agenda