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General Information

Patron – School Collaboration

Children experience optimal growth in a safe and nurturing environment with reasonable boundaries and engaged adults working together with a common purpose.  Working together, we can do more for our children!

Our school has an active parent-teacher association working cooperatively with the school to promote the interests of every child.  Joining our PTA shows support for the organization and its work in our school.  Joining does not require a huge commitment.  Volunteering opportunities range from fairly simple things you can do at home to service on the Board.  Get involved at a level that works for you and send a clear message to your child about how you value the education of every child in our school community.

Every school in Utah has a School Community Council (SCC) comprised of elected patrons and school representatives.  SCC’s meet a minimum of four times annually and meetings generally last less than an hour.  Members learn more about the things we are doing in our school and why.  They have a voice in site-based decisions and render valuable service by representing the interests and concerns of community stakeholders.  SCC’s are responsible for developing Safe Access Plans, School Improvement Plans, Inclement Weather Plans, and Landtrust Plans.  They oversee the use of Landtrust resources to support the growth of all students in our school.  Reach out to the principal for more information if you are able/willing to serve in this capacity.  

Opportunities to volunteer are as diverse as the people in this school community.  There are things you can do at home.  Chaperones are needed for field trips and activities.  There is always a need for assistance in classrooms and the school.  If you are available and willing, there are meaningful and satisfying opportunities to serve in this school community.  For the safety of our children, all volunteers who may have access to students outside the immediate supervision of a teacher are required to submit to a background check.  These are conducted by the school district at no cost to the volunteer.  Before heading to the district offices for fingerprinting, you’ll need to view a video that is available on the district’s website and fill out some paperwork in our school’s main office.  We look forward to working with you as a volunteer!


Skyward is our school district’s primary digital communication platform.  Your family Skyward Access allows you to register children for school, access grades and test results, check attendance records, communicate with teachers, manage your child’s lunch account, access busing information, etc.  We use the information you enter in Skyward to send out important communications and to contact you as the need arises.  Please be certain to keep your contact information updated.

You have one-click access to all of the teachers and staff in our school through our website.  Check us out under the Faculty and Staff link at the top of the homepage.  The main office can be reached at 801-280-7243.  Calls will not be transferred into classrooms during instructional time, but our office staff will be happy to forward messages to students and teachers upon request.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone or via email with questions or concerns that arise.  We want to be of service to you!

Students may bring cell phones and are welcome to use them before and after school.  Cell phones should be turned off and put away during the school day.  Students may wear smartwatches, but should not use them to text, call, or play games during the school day.  The rare exception, as with diabetic monitoring, will be happily accommodated.  Please communicate specific needs to your child’s teacher.

Our office phones are business phones and will not generally be available for student use in the fifteen minutes before and after school.  Playdates and other special arrangements should be made in advance to avoid inconveniences.

Bikes, Scooters, and Skateboards, Oh My!

We encourage our students to walk or use bikes, scooters, and skateboards to access our campus.  A fenced crib is available on the northeast corner of our building to store bikes and scooters during the school day.  Students are encouraged to wear safety equipment and to cross streets safely and legally on their way to and from school.  For safety’s sake, students who ride bicycles, scooters, and skateboards to school will be asked to walk their “ride” while on campus.  

Closed Campus

Oakcrest Elementary School is a “closed” campus during the school day.  Visitors are expected to check-in at the main office and those who may have unsupervised access to children must have a current background check on file.  Persons who fail to meet these expectations will be politely invited to leave.  Students may not leave our campus during the school day without properly checking out in the main office.

Student Health

We share a nurse with several other schools.  She is available, by appointment, to visit with parents and staff to discuss and create student health plans.  She also coordinates various health screenings conducted in our school and presents fifth-grade maturation programs.  If you have questions for our school nurse or would like to make an appointment, please reach out to the main office for contact information.

For obvious reasons, students with sour tummies, coughs, runny noses, open rashes, or high fevers should remain at home.  Students coughing, sniffling, and running at the nose due to allergies are welcome to attend if they feel up to it.  Students who develop the conditions described above during the school day will be referred to the main office.  Parents will be contacted, as warranted, to pick up sick children.  Playground injuries are handled in the same manner.  Minor injuries may be handled with rest, bandaids, and ice, but calls will be made for anything that rises above a simple bruise or scrape.  Please be sure to keep your contact information updated on Skyward.

Allergies can be serious business.  Your child’s teacher will notify you of any known allergy issues in his/her classroom, and we’ll expect you to exercise the same safety precautions you’d take for your own child.  Animals other than service animals should not be brought into the school without specific permission.  A safe table will be set aside in the lunchroom for students with allergies.  If your child is at risk for a severe allergic reaction at school, please schedule an appointment with our school nurse and provide a current epi-pen to be stored in the main office. 

With the exception of asthma inhalers, students may not have a prescription or over-the-counter medications in their possession while at school.  Prescription and/or over-the-counter medications may be administered by a parent during the school day or by trained staff in the main office with a written directive from a physician.  Check with the main office for paperwork if your child will need school personnel to administer medications during the school day.

Playground Expectations

Students may play on our playgrounds before and after school.  Please be aware that adult supervision is limited to the 15 minutes prior to the start of the school day and the 15 minutes after school lets out.  Equipment will be provided for student use during grade and lunch recesses.  Your child is welcome to bring equipment from home so long as he/she is prepared to accept the risk of loss or damage.  There’s a time and place for all activities. Recess may not be the right time or place for some of them.  In the absence of close supervision, coaching, trainers, spotters, and referees, the following activities are prohibited:

  • Versions of games that involve heavy physical contact or tackling.  Students are, of course, welcome to play the two-hand touch and flag versions of these games.
  • Throwing or kicking packed snow, ice, wood, or rocks.  That stuff needs to stay on the ground!
  • Standing or climbing on playground equipment surfaces not designed for that purpose (top bar of swingsets, the top cover of slide tunnels, standing on monkey bars, etc)
  • Climbing or standing on top of anything lacking a safe fall zone (trees, fences, railings, and pillars in entryways, for example)
  • Baseball-style games using a bat will only be played under the immediate supervision of a teacher or PE assistant.  Students should not bring bats to school.  They may bring baseballs, softballs, and mitts to play catch.  
  • Students may bring lacrosse sticks and balls to play catch with so long as they move away from others and refrain from activities involving stick-to-stick or stick-to-body contact.
  • Jumping from or performing flips out of swings or off of benches.
  • Gymnastic “lifts” above waist-level.  Cartwheels, roundups, and other basic moves performed in gymnastic tumbling runs may be performed on the grass.  

 K-12 Title IX Training Materials

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