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Programs & Enrichment

Scripps National Spelling Bee 2024

Students at Oakcrest Elementary School have the opportunity to compete academically in the Scripps National Spelling Bee each year. Representatives from each class in grades 1-3 compete head to head for grade-level championships. Students in grades 4-6 compete for the school championship in addition to grade-level championships. The school champion and runner-up are eligible to compete at the regional bee for a shot at the national bee in Washington, D.C.

Click the link below to access this year's study list.  The first grade bee will begin with words in the first two columns on the first page of the list.  The second grade bee will begin with words in the second column on the first page starting with the word "pole."  The third grade bee will begin with words in the third column on the first page starting with the word "ground."  The school championship bee for students in grades 4-6 will begin with the word "bronze" in the first column of the second page.  All bees will begin as noted above and continue until one speller remains.  Your child will best prepare for the competition by mastering the words indicated for his/her grade, followed by mastery of additional words on the list in the order they come in.  Championship bees for all grades, and the school as a whole, are generally conducted 2-3 weeks before the regional bee which is typically scheduled for mid-late March.  Watch your emails and our website for additional information!

Click here for the lists!

Here is the website to download a free game app to study the words.


Students in sixth grade have the opportunity to compete in our school’s annual Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Fair. The top 15 projects are referred to the District Fair, and winners there are invited to the annual Regional STEM Fair at Brigham Young University. Our students have a history of success in these competitions. No pressure, but we encourage you to start thinking early about a project that would be meaningful and enjoyable to your child. Our fair is typically held in January or February. For additional information on STEM Fairs, check out this district link:

Show Choir

Oakcrest Elementary School sponsors a primary grades show choir (grades 1-3) and intermediate grades show choir (grades 4-6).  These choirs are directed by our school music specialist and rehearse twice each week.  This year, they will present a Halloween Concert, a holiday concert, and a spring concert.


Oakcrest Orchestra Classes

To sign up please fill out the Orchestra Form.

Great Artist

Oakcrest’s Great Artist program is sponsored by our PTA.  Parent volunteers teach students about great artists of the past and complete art projects with them on a monthly basis.  Curriculum and online, step-by-step directions are provided to simplify things for our volunteers.  If you can make time, once a month, to serve in this program, reach out to our coordinator at  No special artistic talent required!

Eagle Reading Challenge

Each team at Oakcrest has identified ten books representing diverse genres and subjects for this year’s Reading Challenge. The idea is to provide an incentive for our students to sample and experience literature they might otherwise not think they are interested in. Each student has been given a school lanyard. Pins are earned for each book a student reads from the challenge lists. Pins may also be earned for attendance, academic growth and positive citizenship.

Click here to see more information about the Eagle Reading Challenge.