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Safe Access Plan

Student safety is of paramount importance to all of us. Please review our school’s procedural expectations for safely picking up/dropping off students with every driver who may assume that responsibility this year.

    • The pick-up/drop-off area runs across the front of the school (see attached picture).
    • The east lane in our pick-up/drop-off area is a pull-through lane. Students should never enter/exit a vehicle occupying the pull-through lane.
    • The staff parking lot on the south end of the school.
    • The front parking lot – unless the driver parks in a stall and personally walks the child across the crosswalk.
    • The drop-off lane extends south across the front of the school to where it begins to curve east (see attached picture). Drivers should enter the drop-off lane single file and pull forward as far as possible, regardless of weather conditions. Children should be dropped off quickly. Drivers requiring more time to say goodbyes or sign papers are encouraged to pull into a stall in the parking lot so flow in the drop-off lane is not disrupted.
    • The pick-up lane extends south across the front of the school to where it begins to curve east (see attached picture). In the afternoon, early arrivers park along the curb to pick up children. Those who arrive later may wait in line to enter the pick-up lane or pull forward via the through-lane to occupy spots that open up further along the curb. Vehicles in the through-lane should not stop for any significant period of time. If an opening is not available along the curb, the driver should circle around and come through again. Students may not board vehicles parked in the through-lane.
    • Consider picking up and/or dropping off your child outside of peak times. Flow is best before 8:50 in the morning and after 3:45 in the afternoon (1:10 on early out days).
    • Follow the procedures and be patient – no question of convenience or inconvenience is worth injury to one of our children!
    • Be considerate and drop your child off in a timely manner. If you need additional time, pull into a parking stall and allow others to move smoothly through the pick-up/drop-off area.
    • Encourage your child to exit your vehicle curbside so he/she is never exposed to moving traffic.
    • Choose not to use your cell phone in the pick-up/drop-off zone.
    • When waiting for more than 10 seconds to pick a child up, please turn your car off. You’ll save fuel and improve air quality in the pick-up/drop-off area.
    • Be considerate of crossing guards and teachers on duty. They’re doing their best to help keep your children safe.