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Inclement Weather Plan

The following guidelines have been established for “inside” days when environmental conditions are such that children should not be outside for extended periods of time:

An “inside day” is recommended when the temperature outside falls below 20 degrees Fahrenheit (including wind chill). Individual students may need temporary or long-term accommodations for health conditions exacerbated by temperature extremes – high or low. Accommodations will be made upon parent request.

As per the Utah Dept. of Health guidelines, all students will be kept inside when PM 2.5 levels exceed 55 (air quality). Students who suffer from asthma or other respiratory problems, including a cold or bronchitis, will be accommodated inside at lower PM 2.5 levels upon parent request.

Lightning in proximity to the campus, extreme winds, and/or significant wet precipitation is considered grounds for keeping students inside for all or part of a school day.

Students are invited to come into the building as they arrive on “inside” days. Those who arrive prior to 8:45 a.m. wait quietly in assigned hallway areas. After that time, students report directly to their classrooms. Environmental conditions may change over the course of a school day.  Students will be outside as conditions allow.

It is recommended that you send your child to school dressed for the predicted weather. We want our students to consistently enjoy the benefits of outdoor activity and the fresh air without experiencing serious physical discomfort. Resources may be available to help outfit students lacking winter clothing. Please contact the main office if this is a concern.