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School Safety Procedures

Jordan School District has standardized emergency response procedures for all of its schools.  School personnel, substitute teachers, and students are trained annually to respond appropriately to five main types of emergencies: Bomb Threats, Earthquakes, Fires, Environmental Hazards, and Unwelcome Intruders. Individual schools are expected to fine-tune details specific to their sites, but teachers, substitutes, students, district personnel, and emergency responders know what to expect in the event of an emergency, regardless of where they may be in the district.

Detailed emergency response information for all schools in Jordan School District can be found on the District’s Student Safety website. The Jordan District Safe School Q&A and the Incident Command Resource Book links are especially insightful.

Elementary schools in JSD are required to hold at least six fire/evacuation drills per year and at least one drill for each of the other main types of emergencies. Classrooms in our school are equipped with an emergency kit and every school is required to have several staff members certified in CPR, First Aid, and the use of an AED if one is available.

Emergency responders in each of the communities served by Jordan School District have ready access to critical information about each of our schools (floor plans, gas/electric/water shutoffs, contact information, etc.). Medical and contact information specific to individual students and families are housed both on and off school campuses – readily accessible in the event of an emergency.

Should an emergency at our school necessitate evacuation to a secondary site, arrangements have been made to relocate our students to a meetinghouse of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at 8107 South 6700 West.  

Your first thought in an emergency situation may be to immediately rush to the school or LDS meetinghouse in search of your child. That response is likely to compound the problems emergency responders and school personnel are dealing with. Plan to wait for notification from the school district via Skylert before coming for your child. If communication channels have been disabled by an emergency (say, an earthquake), keep this in mind: the engineering and construction specs of our school are such that it has been designated as an evacuation site for the community. It is considered to be a relatively safe place. Emergency responders and resources will be channeled here. Give it at least an hour before you come looking for your child. Patrons wishing to pick up children after an emergency should plan to present picture identification without exception. Our school staff is trained and expected to provide care at the school for students who are not picked up – for days, if necessary.