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Soaring Eagle Requirements


Please see your teacher for the requirements.


Please see your teacher for the requirements.


Third-grade students will need to complete 16 out of the 23 goals during the school year to receive the award. 

  • Memorize addition facts 0 -10 and pass “Math Drills” with 90% accuracy. 
  • Memorize subtraction facts 0 -10 and pass “Math Drills” with 90% accuracy.
  • Memorize multiplication facts to 0 -10 and pass the “Math Drills ” with a score of 90% accuracy.
  • Memorize division facts to 0 -10 and pass the “Math Drills” with a score of 90% accuracy.
  • Earn 10 - 100% scores on spelling tests
  • Memorize and recite the Preamble to the Constitution. 
  • Complete Home Reading Goals. (20 minutes every school day).
  • Research a topic, write and present a report with the class. It can be oral or multimedia.
  • Use keyboarding skills to type 15 words per minute.
  • Earn Principal’s Pride during the school year.
  • Earn a Cursive License by showing mastery in writing letters, connections, and holding the pencil correctly.
  • Identify the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the Earth.
  • Create a timeline with pictures, dates, and captions, as assigned by the teacher.
  • Shows good citizenship by following school and class rules as reflected on the report card. Students should not have excessive tardiness, absences, and/or reflection times.
  • Participates in physical exercise and shows good sportsmanship each week.
  • Enter the PTA Reflections contest. This must be completed by PTA’s set due date.
  • Complete an approved Forces & Motion project for the fair. 
  • Attend an art exhibit or museum, planetarium, aquarium, or participate in an extracurricular event such as a musical performance, play, cultural event, dance performance, and then write a paragraph about the event.
  • Observe and record the patterns of weather for one week.
  • Record what you eat for one week.  Decide if you have eaten nutritiously then turn in the recording sheet to your teacher.
  • Be involved in 2 community (non-family) service projects.  Use the form provided by the teacher for reporting.
  • Participate in 3rd Grades Book Club by at least 10 books off of our Book Club List.
  • Student Choice: must be teacher approved  

*Note: Participating in the PTA Fundraiser counts as a community service project or a teacher-approved activity.


Please see your teacher for the requirements.


Please see your teacher for the requirements.


Students must complete 16 of the 24 items.

Parents must initial and date upon completion of each goal.

We challenge you to go above and beyond and soar!


Read a minimum of 20 min. a day for 5 days each week and record. __________

In addition to the Country Fair, student needs to demonstrate: a dance, song, or game specific to their assigned country. __________

Keyboard 28-30 WPM. _________

All E’s in work skills throughout entire year. __________

All E’s in social skills throughout entire year. __________

Pass multiplication (0-12) with 100% accuracy. __________

Pass division skills (0-12) with 100% accuracy. __________

Attend 75% of Zoom Meetings. __________

Art, Drama, Music

Enter PTA Reflections. __________

Try out for school Musical. _________

Share a talent with the class by playing an instrument, singing, art project, etc. __________

Attend a professional fine arts event (must bring program/brochure to class along with a written summary of event and present.) __________


Volunteer to help out with recycling for 2 weeks (see your teacher). __________

Plan and carry out 2 separate service projects (record your outcomes in a journal/scrapbook, etc. and share with the class.) _________

Volunteer to help be a tutor in another grade. _________

Participate in an organized team, individual sport, and/or club. __________

Attend 2 PTA sponsored activities throughout the year. Attach program/proof of attendance. __________

Apply for student council. ______________

Tryout for an academic organized event (Battle of the Books, Spelling Bee, etc.) __________

Physical Fitness

Teach and lead your class in a P.E. game demonstrating knowledge of the activity and good sportsmanship skills. _________

Sign up and compete in an organized sporting event (kid’s mile, 5k, bike race, etc.) Show and tell class about event. _________

Go on a hike (record your thoughts and describe what you saw; take pictures and present to class.) __________

Chart your progress for one month on a physical fitness challenge of your choice (running a mile, walking distances, pull-ups, etc.) Chart must show improvement of skill. Bring chart to class and present. __________

Teacher Approved Project

Student can present an original idea and may receive credit for a teacher-approved activity. __________