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5th Grade’s Soaring Eagle

PDF of 5th Grade's Soaring Eagle

Golden Eagle = 15 Areas

In order for students to demonstrate going beyond what is required in the class, they must complete 15 areas listed below and have no “NI” in citizenship throughout the school year and then they will receive the Soaring Eagle Award.


  1. Walk a minimum of 2 hours a week for 8 weeks and chart your progress. Bring your chart to class.
  2. Participate in the Oakcrest Fun Run.
  3. Demonstrate and teach a PE game to your class.

Arts and Crafts

  1. Demonstrate a new musical skill you have learned to the class (such as leading music, singing a song, playing an instrument, or dancing).
  2. As part of the study of American History, create model of something you learned to share with the class.
  3. Be a participant in the Reflections contest.
  4. Create an original item (i.e. scrapbook, handcrafted item, ). Bring the completed item to class.
  5. Visit an art museum or cultural activity and write a 50-word report on the experience.


  1. Pass all 0 to 12-multiplication time tests.
  2. Prepare and teach an academic skill or lesson to the class.
  3. Participate in an extracurricular activity such as melody choir, science club, LEGO robotics, or other academic activity.
  4. Have all 3’s & 4's" in Academic skills in one term of report card.
  5. Share a book you have read at home with the class.
  6. Memorize three selections of the teacher's choice.
  7. Write a report on a teacher-approved topic.
  8. Proficient in Independent Reading on report card all three terms.


  1. Do a minimum of 5 hours of community or church volunteer work.
  2. Babysit or do chores for someone outside of the home, free of charge (5-hour minimum). Write a 50-word report explaining what you did and what you learned. 
  3. Complete homework daily without being told.