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2nd Grade’s Soaring Eagle

PDF of 2nd grade's Soaring Eagle

The Soaring Eagle award is intended to honor students who take it upon themselves to go the extra mile toward personal achievement. The projects require that you go beyond what is required for school grades in a personal quest to fly high. All work on this award is to be done at home under the guidance and supervision of parents but not to be done by the parents. WORK OF HIGH QUALITY IS EXPECTED.

Citizenship and work/study skills must be satisfactory to receive this award. More than 3 “Needs Improvement” (NI) on a report card for any of the citizenship/work study skills over the course of the first two report card terms will disqualify a student for the award.

A student needs to complete 10 of the 16 project choices. All work must be completed and parents need to sign and return this paper by April 20 to be eligible. It is our hope many students will rise to the challenge and soar like the eagles!

  1. Memorize, write, and spell his/her first and last name, street address, city, state, telephone number, and birthday. This can be practiced at home and will be tested at school.
  2. Read 1,000 minutes at home. If your child is working toward the Soaring Eagle Award a parent must enter their reading minutes on their homework tracker.
  3. Perform one hour of community service (outside of the family, away from home) such as raking leaves, mowing grass, pulling weeds, shoveling snow for someone unable to do it for themselves, picking up litter at the park, cleaning the church, or participating in a walk-a-thon for a charitable cause.
  4. Participate in Reflections with a QUALITY entry. A topic will be announced later.
  5. Prepare and present a short oral book report on a book. Summarize the story in detail for the class and prepare one visual presentation of the book such as making stick figures or puppets as the main characters, illustrate an original 11” x 16” cover of your own design, make a shadowbox scene, or make a 3-D model of something from the story. HIGH-QUALITY WORK IS EXPECTED.
  6. Write and illustrate an 8 1⁄2 ” x 11” alphabet book. Each page must have a creatively decorated uppercase letter, either hand illustrated or made with materials such as yarn, glitter, or patterned scrapbook paper. Each page must also show four nouns that begin with that letter and a colorful illustration or photograph of each noun. Handwritten text on each page should read, “A is for_______,________,_______, and_______.” Use short vowel sounds. Use /c/ as in cat, /g/ as in girl, and /y/ as in yellow.

Please take time to do top-notch job!

  1. Design a personal health/physical fitness routine for a 14-day period. Write down goals, perform the routine, and keep a record of progress. Share with the class the goals, records, and progress made over the two weeks.
  2. Design and create a project displaying an arts/craft skill such as building a birdhouse, weaving a potholder, making a board game and pieces, gluing/painting a model, tole painting, or doing a paint-by-number kit. Share the project with the class and present a short description or demonstration of a skill.
  3. Participate in one PTA-sponsored activity. Attach proof of attendance to this paper.

Reflections do not count.

  1. Prepare a short oral report on a NON-FICTION topic doing research in at least two different sources such as books, magazines, or the Internet. Any factual topic of interest in science or social studies can be used. Topic examples include animals, rocks, oceans, deserts, Polar Regions, outer space, or another country or culture. Also, prepare one visual representation of your topic such as a poster with colorful illustrations or photographs and a list of important facts, or a 3-D depiction of your topic such as paper dolls wearing national dress, a model of the pyramids, a shadowbox of desert animals in their habitat, models of rockets or airplanes, or a map, food, and artifacts from a foreign culture, or a PowerPoint presentation on whales. Present your research and project to the class.
  1. Do a short oral presentation on a Fable or Tall Tale. Please include a poster board or diorama that depicts the story.
  2. Write 8 math story problems. Have a parent or sibling make a drawing, write an equation, and solve the problems. Students must include the following story problems in their project. This must include three addition, three subtraction, and 2 two-step problems.
  3. Write and illustrate 5-6 page fictional story of any genre. Text must be neatly written with few errors. Illustrations must show detail and care. The overall product should show extra time and effort.
  4. Attend or participate in a community fine arts performance such as a concert, play, or art show. Illustrate the event in detail on an 8 1⁄2’’ x 11’’ piece of paper and present a short summary of the event with the class. Share your illustration.
  5. Research a different country or culture of your choice. Write a one-page report on the country or culture studied. Writing must be descriptive and well thought out, with few errors.

The 10 points are necessary to qualify for the Soaring Eagle award and have been completed by the student.