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1st Grade’s Soaring Eagle

Soaring Eagle Award--First Grade

  1. Have no more than 5 unexcused absences and no more than 5 tardies.
  2. Enter Oakcrest Elementary’s Reflections contest-show and explain your complete project.
  3. Participate in a community service project with family, church, or another organization and present a report to the class of what you did.
  4. Take a family field trip during the school year. You will need to write a one-page report and bring a poster with pictures to share with the class.
  5. Write a story to share with the class. It needs to be at least four pages, typed and illustrated (or) create your own ABC book.
  6. Learn how to tie shoes and zip jacket.
  7. Memorize addition facts 0-20. The teacher will test this item with a mixed addition timed test.
  8. Extracurricular activity (ex. Music, sport, dance, art etc.). Bring in a picture, trophy or another artifact that shows participation.
  9. Complete a book report at home and share with the class. The book report can be a diorama, poster, or song. Present a summary of the book and why you liked it.
  • Memorize and be able to write your name, address, phone number, and birthday. The teacher will pass this off in class.
  • Share an animal report with the class. Your teacher will give you specific requirements for your animal report.
  • Consult with the teacher to make sure there are no missing classroom or homework assignments.
  • Learn songs and participate in the first-grade music program.
  • Leadership/ Citizenship- 1. Recognize a needed improvement for first-grade citizenship in the classroom. 2. Write a remedy for the behavior. 3. Lead the class to adopt the remedy in the classroom. Consult with the teacher for ideas.
  • Pass off the 107 Zeno sight words with the teacher.

Students must complete 12 of the 15 requirements to earn the Soaring Eagle Award