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Parking Lot

Parking Lot Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures


Dear Parents:

The safety of the students of Oakcrest Elementary is one of our greatest concerns. We need your help to ensure the safety of students as they are dropped off at school in the morning and picked up in the afternoon. Please review the following procedures with ALL drivers in your family who drop off or pick up students.  AUTHORIZED DROP-­OFF AREAS (Please see Diagram on back)

  • Use drop-off lane on the front side of the school (Lane next to the curb)
  • Pull all the way forward when dropping off students.
  • Park in the parking lot when leaving your vehicle. Parents may park and WALK their child(ren) across at the marked crosswalk ONLY.
  • Do not stop or park in the parking lot, except in a parking stall. UNAUTHORIZED DROP-­OFF/PICK-­UP AREAS
  • Drivers must NEVER exit their vehicles while occupying the pull-­through lane.
  • Students may NOT be dropped off or picked up in the Bus Lane on the Southwest side of the school.


  • Carpool, if possible
  • Arrive early
  • Be patient – the safety of students is the most important!
  • Pull forward to keep traffic moving
  • Be cooperative and understanding
  • Use designated drop-­off/pick-­up areas
  • Be considerate and drop students off in a timely manner
  • Make   sure   students   are   prepared   (shoes   on,   backpack   ready, breakfast finished) before you pull up to the drop-­off area