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4th Grade’s Soaring Eagle


4th Grade's Soaring Eagle Award

Requirements: Students must complete 15 of the 19 choices.

All work done at home is to be done under the guidance and supervision of parents. WORK OF HIGH QUALITY IS EXPECTED.

We hope many students will rise to the challenge and Soar as the Eagles!

Categories and Choices:


____attend a professional-quality fine arts event such as a concert, play, art museum, art fair, etc. Attach the program or ticket stub as proof of attendance.

____ enter PTA Reflections

____student demonstrates a new musical skill you have learned to the class (such as singing a song or playing an instrument).

____participates in Oakcrest Melody Choir or Orchestra


____plan and conduct an experiment using the scientific method. Bring it in and demonstrate for class oral presentation. (5 min)

____pick a Utah biome and do an oral presentation with poster board. Report must include plants and animals from Utah that live in those environments.

____conduct a cloud project. Observe the types of clouds that appear outside each day of the week.

____Photograph or draw the clouds

____Clearly date when the pictures are taken or drawn

____Identify the types of clouds

____Identify the weather conditions when the pictures are taken or drawn

____Display photographs/pictures on the tri-foldable

____Conduct an oral presentation of your project to your class

____(Optional) do a report on fossils that uses academic vocabulary to be presented in class.

____Utah Animal or habitat report.


____Create Your Dream House

____Outline your dream house by drawing the outside walls. Your dream house should be a compound figure with all right angles.

____Partition your dream house into rooms. Each room must be a rectangle.

____Label and color each room.

____Add the areas of all the rooms to find the total area of your dream house.


____Keyboarding – 20 words per min.


____Complete fitness challenge ( run a mile in 15 minutes). Bring a note from home.

____Participate in the Oakcrest Elementary Fun Run


____student is a member of a scouting organization

____participates in organized sport: soccer, basketball, football, baseball, or martial arts.

____participates in dance, gymnastics, a theater group or cheer.

____plan and carry out a service project that takes 5-8 hours to complete.

____participate in and attend one PTA sponsored activity, such as Breakfast with Books, Literacy Night, Cultural Night, etc. Attach program or other proof of attendance to paper.


____have read 100 minutes each week for this school year.

We hope many students will rise to the challenge and Soar as the Eagles!